The New Cmd+Tab switcher
with bookmarks on board for Mac

Is the Docflipper compatible with the Apple M1 chip?


Will the app definitely work on my computer?

Make sure your macOS version is 11 or higher (Intel / M1). Then yes, it will work.

For what apps does the linking to internal files work?

Docflipper supports work with applications that have a Linking to internal files feature. For example, Figma, Notion, etc

Can I sync my bookmarks across multiple devices?

Unfortunately, not. We are going to add sync of user accounts and bookmarks in one of the next releases.

Can I turn on/off the launched apps' notifications in the dock?

Yes, you can do that. Just set the Show notifications option in the tray menu.

How many bookmarks can I add to the dock?

You can add a max of 48 bookmarks, for aesthetic reasons.